Home today.
Flex time schedule.

Watching the little one.
Out like a light. Bottles at the ready.
Home office.
Big desk.

Nice chair.
By the window:
cars, sky. Big Sky. Clouds from west-southwest.
Patios, gardens, swing set


One of four in the area.
But for me.

The Dumpster.

A few more degrees to the left
And it wouldn’t really be in the scene
We should have waited out
To get the apartment.
100 feet to the right.

The Dumpster

is a hobbit hole.
that fairies live inside,
and invite for me

Dog walkers tossing leavings.
The kids down the street
That fella who always checks in the morning on his way out.

There he goes.

I wonder what’s in there? Gold? A Microwave?
Trash maybe.
Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get something good.

(back to work)

Usually there is a sound
a hollow
Time to turn your head.
Some actor

just tossing a few things in:

Kitchen garbage.
a chair.
a printer?
a couch! (all by himself)

(back to work)

The Kids are back.
Running around with sticks, not looking
And some guy is riding a motorcycle
into a uhaul.

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