Quebecian Recess

Stressed. I can still remember the exact length and contents of to do list.  It is superimposed on my field of vision. #4 Write Dean back. #9 Remind grad student about paper. Why am I not doing these things? Am I in a car? A plane? I could probably get my lap top out, bang through a few things. At least it would make me feel better.

Work still tugs from behind. Looking for downtime opportunities to curl up with my laptop in a corner. I don’t quite recall what needs to be done, but there is a lot of it. Didn’t get much done yesterday with all the travel. Feel guilty about that. Responded to some emails. I must be forgetting something. This can’t be right.

Wasn’t I going to work today? I must have forgot. Ok, maybe today was a day off. That’s ok. But I’ll have to do more later, really I will. Tomorrow. Get up early. Read a paper. Write a few pages. I can’t go too long, it wouldn’t be proper. Things need to be done.

What did I do again? Ah yes, well that’s all good and fine, I suppose some day we will go back. That was another life, really. There are too many other things; pastries, newspapers, museums. I heard there is a river boat.  Are we leaving the house by noon today? Oh that restaurant sounds would make a fabulous lunch. Then we can just meander around; see and eat.

Go back? Where? University of what? What will we do there? Well then no thank you. They can grade themselves. This is fine here. This is important work too; pastries and the arts section. I’ve almost got the language down. We can just do this from now on.

As long as the direct deposit keeps working.

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