the visible and the dead

snickers and nerdish giggles
when I give bookstore clerks
my credit card

Did you know?
Did you know?

Yes I know.

Some years back
I went looking

Surely I’d show up quickly

With my handle combination of
Common, not so common

Wait. Who is this?
Who is this guy?
Never heard of him.

Beats me out.
By miles.

Official  .com
Initiate portraits

Initiate portraits?

What if they think I’m him?
Surely they’ll know I’m not.
How am I not first? Or least top 10?


And by the way

He’s been dead for 10 years

He doesn’t even need this.
He’s gone.
I’m new here.
Need the visibility.
Promotion metrics and all.

Surely there are some tricks,
To change things
If I just keep clicking
Things will worm their way right

That was the situation
A while back.

Back then I needed to supplement things
To find myself

+ middle initial


I’m not sure how
Progress has been made
Short of complete victory

when you google my name

the last result

on the first page

is me.

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