Ok this talk sounds good, I wonder they mean by “Transference Optimance” that’s not really a word. But it sounds interesting anyway.

Ok, uhuh. Makes sense. Yes that is an interesting problem. So what did you do exactly? Move on, that explanation was fine. Yes yes, move on.



Wait, how did we get here? Did I doze off? The experiment is what? What are the predictions? How is this set up? A graph would help, maybe the next slide is a graph. I’m sure the next slide is a graph. Or a chart or something.

What is this? That are those lines? Ok, what is alpha again? Is that the transference that we’ve heard so much about? Yes, remind us….ooooooohhhhhh. It’s the red line that is compared to the BLUE line. I see. That would have been clearer without the other eight lines in the graph.

So this is good right? The data supports the prediction. I think. What was it again? She never really said it clearly. Was it on a slide? Maybe there will be a review slide, to remind us where we are.

No, no. More data. Is this from a different experiment? Ooh, that’s colorful! I wish I had graphs like that. You’d get real respect with graphs like that. I think I saw one like that on last month’s Nature cover.


That wasn’t her was it? What’s her name, again? Where’s my schedule…

It was her. This crap got the cover?! Damn their graphs, it doesn’t even make sense! EXPLAIN WHAT IT MEANS!


I should ask something at the end. Mean but not too mean. Pointed really. Yes, this deserves pointed, not glowing. Who else is in here? Just make a quick adjustment to look around…hmm, some serious windbags, I’m going to have to be quick to be first. Might need to start scratching my head in late minute. Get hand vertical.

He’s flagging her down. 1 minute left. Skipping slides now. What was that? All I saw were the words “experimenter error”. Alright conclusions. Maybe she’ll actually explain some




ooooooh, Iiiii get it.

The purple line in the first graph and the red one in the 2nd one. That was the rate adjusted for the error, not the raw measure. Ok, that makes complete sense.



Well, I got nothing now.


Time to clap.

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