in plain sight

4 desks

door is to my right

window behind me

mostly obscured by file cabinets

furthermore, all statistical analyses

Sally’s not here today.

Behind me.

Always watching.

It’s a good day today

John is here

His back to me

He gets up a lot

Can see when he walks

But he’s a fast walker

applications would be much more complex

I could move it

That would look odd

No, keep it as is

Does the angle matter?

Pretty sure it does

Prior research makes the point clear

What time it is?

Three thirt—6%!

Crap crap

Save save

Plug. Where’s the plug?



No, mute.

One last check.

Can hear voices

Jane is here.

Might come in

Probably won’t come in

Could come in

Never comes in


Look again. (not like that, casually).

Ok. Only 5 minutes.

Recent Applications -> Games -> Braid

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